Ever travelled around Facebook and spotted adverts that seemed they were created solely for you? Then you’ve probably been targeted by someone like myself. Not in a way where I’d stalk your profile to see what interests you had, what your relationship status is or how old I think you are; but with every piece of content and information you add to Facebook, this helps the advertisers (Hello!) tailor adverts based on your profile.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook adverts are a great way to drive a highly targeted audience to your desired location. Whether that be to help build the number of likes on your Facebook page, raise awareness of an event, drive a set demographic to an offer on your website, increase footfall to your store or maybe all these  options and more. You see, Facebook likes to ‘pigeon-hole’ people.  This helps the advertisers (spending money to create these adverts) reach a desired community quickly. And this can be done against a large variety of variables; age, relationship status, location, interests, education and much more.

If you have a set audience you’d like to reach, Facebook adverts could work for your business. I can set these campaigns up for your business and run multiple versions of adverts (split test) to see which perform greater and bring you maximum ROI. I can help you reach a market through Facebook, that may never have heard of your brand before, but could become your most loyal and influential customer or client. Reaching markets who may never have heard of your products or services is very realistic through Facebook advertising and this is something I do on a daily basis for several clients who are being rewarded with marketing themselves through this platform.

I could write 1000+ words on Facebook advertising for business but would more than welcome you to contact me, potentially arrange a meeting and I could show you how these tools work in real-time and how best we can use them to build your business.

Author: Dennis Taylor. Follow on Twitter @TaylorMadeSM, Google+, or public updates on Facebook.