Facebook likes – the holy grail for social media marketeers. But so many of them seem to fall into the trap of believing it’s quantity over quality that will bring more business benefits. Not true. Being the most popular at school doesn’t mean you were liked. So what if you could build a large number of people ‘liking’ your Facebook page whose demographics are an ideal audience you would like to engage with? That’s where I come in.

Building a Facebook communityI see so many Facebook pages and owners stuck in a rut with their page. They may have everything set up correctly in the back-end, a great cover image/logo, all fields filled out and posting fantastic shareable content BUT people just aren’t joining the community. As a business owner, how do you attract the correct audience to your page?

With my expertise, I’ve helped many business owners reach individuals who may never have known about their products and services existed before; and on many occasions converting these individuals to paying loyal customers or clients too. Building your community increases fans trust in your brand, but reaching them initially and then influencing them to click that like button is a craft many page owners struggle with. It’s been well documented that consumers trust their friends opinions and value these over brands messages. Building a loyal fan-base through social media can reap massive business benefits. BUT once you have attracted them to your page though, how do you keep them engaged and interested in your business or products?

Facebook Community

Building a community on Facebook is very much about offline as it is online. Posting your Facebook page vanity URL, having QR codes point to your page, where you display social media logo’s on your site are all going to have an affect on driving people interested in your brand and business to your page, but there’s much more I can help with too that will massively increase these numbers. And all the while ensuring it’s highly targeted.

Get in touch and see how I can help, building a community is just one aspect of marketing your business on Facebook, the expertise lies in keeping them interested and engaged.

Author: Dennis Taylor. Follow on Twitter @TaylorMadeSM, Google+, or public updates on Facebook.