Outsourcing social media to an expert freelancer has many advantages, but if you are wanting to gain knowledge on how Facebook works, I also offer training and bespoke workshops. This isn’t done against some generic powerpoint with the most overused YouTube video in the World (I must have seen it a 100+ times from various social media guru’s and digital marketing agencies). I firmly believe that one size does NOT fit all where social media is concerned. However if after research we feel Facebook is the platform for you in reaching your audience, I can help you gain an deep understanding of how to use this tool and work alongside you and your business to build a strategy and Facebook marketing campaign.

Facebook Training Learning how to create and set up Facebook adverts, build likes, source content, share posts, tag pages, use of hashtags, block, hide, delete, respond, switch etc would all be covered giving you the skills and knowledge to manage your Facebook social media campaigns.

This can be done on a one-to-one basis, with a group of staff or whatever suits the business owners but is always ‘Taylor’d’ to your needs and where we feel your audience maybe hanging out socially. Whether you have a Facebook presence on a personal level or not, this should not put you off when it comes to using Facebook as an effective business marketing tool. Whilst it’s called social media, you don’t have to have yourself on there if you are just looking to market your business. From the very basics such as Facebook business page set up, how to add different admins to your Facebook page or how you create your very first post through to more advance methods of marketing such as advertising and understanding of Facebook Insights, I can help at all levels.

Creating a page

If this is something that you feel your business could benefit from, please contact me for more information. I’d be more than happy to speak with you and learn how we could develop your brand together on Facebook.

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