How Twitter Can Help You Promote Your Business

You might have heard that Twitter can be a very valuable tool in your social media strategy, but how do you use it to its full potential? Why is Twitter such a powerful online marketing tool for your business and what makes this social network so valuable for promoting your products and services?

There are more than 500 million users on Twitter and that number is quickly growing at an estimated one million new accounts every day. This means that there is a superb chance that there are local users that you can connect with that will fit your target demographic.

There are many reasons why Twitter is great for promoting your business, but it all comes down to exposure, inter connectivity, a personal touch, exposure, communication and an exchange of ideas and information. With the right social media marketing strategy, Twitter can help you to direct traffic to your website, build your brand and create a dedicated following.

Compete With Your Larger Competition

I can guarantee you that your competition is already on Twitter, so connecting with Twitter is essential for maintaining that competitive advantage. However, the best part about Twitter is that even if you are a small start up, you can compete on the same playing field as a huge company. It costs you nothing to set up a Twitter account and use it, so this method of promotion has the potential to bring you incredible returns on your investment.

Engaged and Pro-Active Users

While Facebook accounts can be unchecked for a while, Twitter users tend to be very engaged and pro-active when they are using their accounts. They usually check in with their Twitter stream several times per day and are likely to retweet posts that they find interesting.

Also, Twitter offers you a great opportunity to start conversations with others. A well-run Twitter marketing campaign will be all about dialogue and give and take. Engaging in discussion with others and exchanging information will help you to increase your exposure and build a positive image of your brand. One on one interaction makes your business a lot more accessible to your customers.

Interconnectivity Between Social Media Accounts

Twitter offers many great opportunities for interconnectivity, which can hold the key to your entire social media marketing strategy. Imagine your Twitter profile as a portal that will connect other Twitter users to your complete web presence so that they can get to know you and what you are about.

You can use your Twitter profile to link out to your blog, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flikr, Facebook and any other websites or social media platforms that you might have. This will be a great way to engage your customers and to direct them through to all aspects of your online marketing strategy.

To find out more about how I can help you develop your ultimate business Twitter marketing strategy, please feel free to contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Author: Dennis Taylor. Follow on Twitter @TaylorMadeSM, Google+, or public updates on Facebook.