The Need for a Targeted Twitter Following

Having thousands Twitter followers might leave you with the impression that your business is doing extremely well. Unfortunately, it is more likely that such numbers are only feeding your ego, not your business. The importance of a targeted Twitter following is often underestimated, and yet it is a powerful tool when promoting your business with social media.

Some businesses attempt to build a Twitter following by following others. However, the favour is not always returned, and although you may be following 2000, only 300 or so may follow you back. Here you are stuck, without a Twitter following that really matters. In order to avoid this sticky situation, other businesses invest vast amounts of money in software that promises to help them build a targeted following. However, third party apps now prevent most automation, so businesses must find another way to build a Twitter following that matters.

The answer is simpler than you think. You need people!

Twitter Followers and Numbers

The human approach is highly valued in an online world full of spam bots and advertising messages. Making your Tweets funny, engaging and above all, human, will help attract more attention. However, you’re not just looking for any kind of attention. In order to build a targeted Twitter following, there are a few simple steps you need to take.

Stick to your topic

It may sound simple enough, but going off topic is one of the biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to build a Twitter following. In order to define your audience, you must define your topic. This way, you will garner the interest of the right people. Consider the image that you want your business to project. What do you want to be known for? On-topic Tweets will be much more valuable than random pleas for attention.

This also makes you easier to find by those who need your business. If you are sending out on-topic Tweets with relevant hashtags, you will show up in a search for those topics. You want the people searching for your topic to find you, then they’ll follow you. Remember, people are following you for a reason, so don’t stray from your topic or they’ll lose interest.

Twitter followers

Who is your target?

Some businesses are unsure of who they should be targeting when building a Twitter following. Consider who your audience is now. What are they interested in? What makes them interested in your business? Most importantly, how can your business benefit from such people? Once you have your target audience defined, it becomes much easier to stay on topic and only communicate to them about what matters.

People will follow you because of their interest in what you have to say. If you stick to a certain topic with a certain audience, people will know that by following you, they will be getting more of the same. Reliability is an important factor here, and one that is lacking from many Twitter accounts. Give your target audience a reason to follow you. Once you do that, your reputation will grow as a person to follow based on your topic.

A targeted Twitter following is important as those who are interested in your business will encourage others to follow you, and they can help your business to grow, rather than a dead following who are not interested in what you have to promote. Use people rather than software to help you build a targeted Twitter following, and your business will reap the rewards.

Author: Dennis Taylor. Follow on Twitter @TaylorMadeSM, Google+, or public updates on Facebook.